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Teaching Italian in an elementary school

We, University Malaya’s second year students of Italian Language and Linguistics, have organised a community-based project called "Itali di Hati" (Italy in the heart) with the help of our supervisor, Mr. Jamian bin Mohamad, for our university course Social Engagement (GIG1005).

The event took place at the Sekolah Kebangsaan Sultan Alam Shah on the 2nd of June 2022 (Thursday).
The purpose of this project was to teach local kids the basics of the Italian language and Italian culture.
To organise this event, we had online and physical meetings with the school teachers.
We visited the school two weeks before the date of the event to get familiar with the place and help us organise and plan how we would manage the event.

The day of our event "Itali di Hati", we arrived at the school very early in the morning to start preparing what we needed.
We then started the teaching program by Syahirah (Stella) and Kioko (Carlotta) while Clara and Li Kien (Lisa) were monitoring.
Our goal was to teach the students about the greetings, the alphabet, the numbers, the colours and the Italian culture through the dishes, the art, the architecture and the celebrations.

We played a quiz to help the students remember what they have learnt and to entertain them at the same time. At the end of our event, we have invited the students to eat authentic Italian pizzas made from "Portofino", an Italian restaurant in Bangsar.
This event was organised by the following students (from left to right in the bottom right picture):

  1. Clara Sarah Rolande Devaux
  2. Syahirah Nurlyana binti Surdi
  3. Ng Li Kien
  4. KiokoTan Si Ying

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