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  1. Do you know any Malaysian, Vietnamese or Italian authors, writers or poets who wrote about love?
  2. Do you want to share any poems, novels or songs concerning love you particularly like?
  3. Have you ever composed a poem or a short story concerning love? Would you like to share it
  4. Do you have any ideas on how to encourage young people to read literature?


  1. To improve the knowledge of Italian by reading, commenting, reciting verses from Dante Alighieri’s literary production ( Divine Comedy, Vita Nuova, Rime)
  2. To improve communication skills in Italian by using the language in meaningful contexts while working with international partners
  3. To approach Italian literary tradition in an active and meaningful way
  4. To improve skills in critical analysis and literary interpretation
  5. To foster an understanding of the concept of culture through a comparison of the culture studied and their own
  6. To enhance the interest for Italian culture in Malaysia and in Vietnam
  7. To enhance collaborative skills by working in a team
  8. To share the richness of local literary traditions by selecting poems (in any of the languages spoken in Vietnam and Malaysia) on the theme of love, to be shared with partners


  1. Selection from Dante’s literary production on the theme of love
  2. The students will analyse the texts (original language, modern Italian, English or other languages spoken in the two countries) and prepare a spoken commentary in Italian and English
  3. The students will have to find ways to make Dante known to the local public using social media
  4. Selection of love poems from Malaysian and Vietnamese writers, in any language
  5. The students will translate the poems into Italian and English (or other languages)
  6. Creative writing: the students will create their own poems, on the theme of love, inspired by Dante
  7. The students will prepare a poetry reading event open to the public

Final product

A performance will be staged on the occasion of the XXI edition of the Week of Italian Language in the World (18-22 October 2021), which will be dedicated to the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death.
The students will be connected online, while the performance will be staged live at the respective universities.


Second semester of 2021 and October 2021

Students' productions

These productions are the result of creative writing group work based on the reading of canto V of Dante’s Inferno.
The famous love story between Paolo and Francesca has been revisited in original ways, but along the same lines: two young people love each other, but there’s an obstacle to their love. Love can be difficult and challenging!

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