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Italian Cutural Week: La voce del corpo - 31th Oct 2019

This event has been organized by the Italian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, with the support and the collaboration of the University of Malaya and the Italian Division with the aim of promoting the study and the dissemination of the Italian language and culture.

This year the topic was "La voce del corpo", an interactive and entertaining workshop to get to know non-verbal communication through stereotypes, language and culture.
Gestures, facial expressions, body distance, in other words non-verbal communication: Mr Luca Vullo, actor, movie director and expert of Italian body language has entertained the audience in a fun yet instructive workshop on Italian body language.
Luca has given many examples of the key role of non verbal communication in human relationships.
Italians are famous for their body language, but each culture has got its own code of non verbal communication, a sort of grammar which must be studied and understood if we want to communicate effectively and understand different cultures.
Among the audience students of Italian, French, linguistics, members of the staff and guests, who have been actively involved in the workshop, trying out gestures and making cross cultural comparisons.
Thanks Luca!

Luca Vullo and our students... in action!


Vi diverte cantare? Allora questa è l´occasione giusta!!
Lunedì 4 maggio 2020 ci troviamo tutti insieme alle ore 4pm in Mengkula per sfoggiare le nostre doti canore (canteranno anche gli insegnanti!)
Seguirà, alle 7.30pm, buka puasa tutti insieme!
Contattate Paolo per maggiori informazioni.


How many couples would break up if one looked into the cell phone of the other?
This is the premise behind the story of a group of friends who meet for a dinner destined to turn into a dreadful game.

Monday 13th April 2020 from 12pm to 4pm in Persidangan the Italian movie "Perfetti sconosciuti" ("Perfect strangers"), with English subtitles, will be shown.
Find below the film file:

TitoloPerfetti sconosciuti
Title Perfect strangers
CastGiuseppe Battiston, Anna Foglietta,
Marco Giallini, Edoardo Leo,
Valerio Mastandrea
DirectorPaolo Genovese
Duration97 minutes
Year2016 (initial release in Italy in February)
Awards2016 David of Donatello for Best Film
2016 Silver Ribbon for Best Comedy
2016 Golden Globe for Best Comedy
2016 Golden Ciak
TrailerClick here to watch it

Don't miss it!

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