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Employability of our students in Malaysia

Over the years, our students' employability has progressively become our most important concern.
The latent job demand all over the country of Italian speaking operators in many fields of the business activities, has the potential to offer interesting job opportunities.

What is J.O.B. for employers?

  1. J.O.B. is a service that puts in contact employers in need of services in Italian language with students of the Italian Program;
  2. J.O.B. allows registered employers to post their job offers and students to get to know them on the spot.;
  3. J.O.B. takes into consideration 3 kinds of activities:
  1. Short term collaborations (1 day / few days);
  2. Internships (1 month / 4 months);
  3. Permanent jobs.
  1. There are now 6 students looking for job opportunities.

Looking for collaborators/interns?

J.O.B. - Job Opportunities Booster

We are now offering J.O.B. (Job Opportunities Booster), an integrated and shareable space where offer and demand of Italian skills and competence meet, in a simple, safe, quick and easy way, for the mutual benefit of employers and employees.

What is J.O.B. for students?

  1. Registered students are promptly informed about new job offers posted by the registered employers;
  2. Every time a new job offer is posted, an automatic notification is sent to the students' emails;
  3. Pending offers can also be browsed by clicking the picture below;
  4. There are now 7 registered employers offering job opportunities;
  5. There are now 3 opportunities for you!
  6. Please, contact us to be registered in J.O.B.

Looking for job opportunities?
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