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Open classes: evening classes for externals

The Italian division offers Italian courses, customized to different levels of learning, for those who need to learn the language for their activities or for pleasure.

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The courses we offer

  1. Beginners (level A1): Proficiency in basic pronunciation, reading, writing and speaking;
  2. Elementary (level A2): Explore further the language and enhance your vocabulary, your grammar and your proficiency;
  3. Italian for business and administration: Improve your Italian vocabulary and knowledge to work more effectively within an Italian business context. You will develop the ability to interact in a working environment, understand the topic of business related authentic material, write clear emails.

Open classes: basic information

  1. Courses are opened when at least 6 participants have registered for the same level;
  2. Classes are scheduled 2 times a week, after 5.30pm;
  3. The duration of each class is 2 hours;
  4. Courses are taught by native speakers;
  5. We provide participants with teaching materials;
  6. Advanced courses may be offered and customized upon request;
  7. We strongly encourage participants to take the CILS certification;

Open classes: are you...

  1. thinking about choosing a bachelor after your High School diploma?
  2. interested in Italian culture and way of life?
  3. dealing with Italians in your job or in your private life?
  4. planning to work in an Italian context?
  5. planning to move to Italy for work?
  6. planning to visit Italy for leisure?
  7. simply... curious?
...then we can cater to your needs and expectations!.

Open classes: Frequent Asked Questions

  1. How many participants are needed to start a course?
    A course is approved by the Faculty when at least 8 participants register. Should you register and pay but the course doesn't start you will be fully refunded.

  2. What is the difference between "Beginner" and "Elementary" levels?
    "Beginner" is the participant who has no knowledge of Italian while "Elementary" is the participant who has already a basic knowledge of the language. If you have some knowledge of the language, please contact us so that we can assess it and suggest you which level is more suitable for you.

  3. What about the text book?
    We provide participants with teaching material, such as copies of text books and notes.

  4. Is the schedule of the course flexible? Can it be changed?
    Yes, even though the schedule is quite tight, we try our best to adjust it to our partecipants' needs. For example, the timing can range from 5.30pm/7.30pm to 6.30pm/8.30pm in order to give participants time enough to reach UM. Upon request of the majority of participants, we can also try to change the day.

  5. What happen if I miss a class? Can it be replaced?
    All the teaching material used during our classes is available on our website so you can easily download what you need. Besides this, before each class we dedicate some time to revise and clarify what we have learnt.

  6. I can't register or I can't pay through the e-pay procedure. What to do?
    Sometimes, temporary technical issues prevent participants from registering or paying. Try it again and if you can't sort it out, contact us.

  7. Will I be given a certificate after the completion of this course?
    Yes, the Italian Division will formally certificate your attendance at the course.

  8. Can I take an official certification of my proficiency in Italian?
    Yes, you can take the CILS certification after passing an official exam.
    The nearest place where this certification is currently offered is Singapore.

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