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Scholarships in Italy - Year 2023

Every year more than 40 students attend our Bachelor of Italian language and linguistics.
But studying a foreign language is not enough to properly master it. A stay in the country where the language is spoken is absolutely necessary.
Thanks to our scholarships, our students have the chance to go to Italy, in Siena or in Perugia, to further their studies, to improve their Italian and to reach a C1 level (bilingual level), which is necessary for them to find a job in an Italian context.

This is why we strongly encourage all Italian and Malaysian companies to support this project as stakeholders and contribute to the creation of a scholarship fund for 2023.

Scolarships offered in 2022 [closed]

  1. Number of scolarships: 16 - details
  2. Funds raised ad used: 43.000 RM

Scolarships being offered in 2023 [ongoing]

  1. Number of scolarships: 2 - details
  2. Funds raised: 0 RM

How to support our scholarships 2023

Please, feel free to contribute with any amount you like

  1. Transfer to IMBA (Italy Malaysia Business Association)
  2. Account No. : 8000201511
  3. Account name: Pertubuhan Perniagaan Malaysia Itali - Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
  4. Bank address: CIMB Bank Berhad No 803-817 Bangunan Lim Batu 4 ½ Jalan Ipoh, 51200 Kuala Lumpur
  5. Swift Code : CIBBMYKL
  6. Description : Scholarship Ita Lan

Details of a 1 month scholarship

Standard scholarship: 10.000 RM (updated to August 2022)
  1. Flight ticket: 4.500 RM (1.000 Euro)
  2. Course of Italian (80 hours) 1.944 RM (432 Euro)
  3. Accomodation: 1.000 RM (220 Euro)
  4. Food: 900 RM (200 Euro)
  5. Transports: 450 RM (100 Euro)
  6. Europe assistance insurance: 382 RM (85 Euro)

  1. These costs have been reported by our students who went to Italy for their scholarships in August 2022 and take into to consideration the current inflation rate.
  2. The exchange rate EURO/RM is 1 Euro = 4.5 RM

This project is supported by

The italian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur
Italy Malaysia Business Association
The Italian Division at University of Malaya

This project is funded by

MyItalian@University - The website of the Italian division at the Fakulti Bahasa dan Linguistik - Universiti Malaya