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Short Film Day - 2020

On the occasion of the winter solstice of 21st December - the shortest day of the year - the Centro Nazionale del Cortometraggio (Italian Short Film Center), in collaboration with the Embassy of Italy in Kuala Lumpur, has made available six Italian short films.


6 short films, all in Italian with English subtitles, will be available from 16th to 22nd of December 2020.
  1. Starting on: 16/12/2020
  2. Ending on: 22/12/2020
  3. Today's date: 08/02/2023


  1. Il nostro tempo (Trailer)
    Roberta is a nine-year-old girl who wants to enjoy the last days of summer on the beach playing with her friends, while her father Donato forces her to stay at home to help with household chores.
    The distance between the two seems unbridgeable, but the discovery that Donato is much more fragile than it seems will lead them to restore value to their time together.

  2. Lunedì (Trailer)
    Florence. During the summer fashion week two electricians, a man and a boy, are busy setting up the lighting system for the event of a famous claw. From morning until evening they cross the city in their van from one end to the other.
    It will be an opportunity for the due to confront one last time before the beginning of the following week marks the beginning of a new path for both.

  3. Mezze stagioni (Trailer)
    A young couple gets ready for a ceremony. Emilia is not dressed yet and Pietro is struggling with his tie and also very annoyed about a speech he has to give.
    While they talk around their house, time travels back and forth revealing different phases of their life.

  4. Passaggi (Trailer)
    An undertow of memory drags a father and a son. Two childhoods lived in the same place, in two different eras, very distant from each other.
    Two worlds united by long journeys in time and space, in an attempt to dispel the fog in which the shadows stir.

  5. Jiaozi (Trailer)
    In an old Taiwanese cinema now in disuse, they find the reels of a film never shown before: “Jiaozi” narrates the story of female revenge dictated by the rules of time, in which calm and patience are the only way to survive a prolonged struggle for years.

  6. 14 (Trailer)
    A boy with a seemingly normal life and an antiquated job, following a big disappointment in love and various ups and downs, falls in love with a girl he sees in some photos he was developing. He will end up being pleasantly surprised.





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