Taricco Gian Piero

Here below you can have a look at some of our students’ videos as a result of the assignments given by their teachers or following their own initiative and taste.
The aim of these activities is to give our students the chance to practise the language in a context as close as possible to everyday life.

Come cucinare il "Sambal Belacan"
(How to cook the "Sambal Belacan")

Author: Nurin Qistina Binti Zulfazli (Eleonora)
Date: 10/12/2020
Abstract: a Malaysian condiment made with fresh red chilies, lime juice, salt and sugar. Sambal Belacan is the building block of Malaysian cooking. Learn how to make authentic sambal!

Il telegiornale

  1. Ng Jiahuan (Priscilla)
  2. Noor Amirah (Sandra)
  3. Nur Hanis Syafiqah (Viola)
Date: 14/12/2020
Abstract: News from Malaysia and from the world


  1. Mellisa Pearl Nemesius (Monica)
  2. Noor Amirah Binti MD Mutapa (Sandra)
Date: 10/06/2021
Abstract: An overview on Palermo

Come cucinare la "Swiss Roll"
(How to cook the "Swiss Roll")

Author: Nur Anis Raihanah Binti Ahmad Rozy (Serena)
Date: 10/12/2020
Abstract: A Swiss roll (or jelly roll, roll cake, cream roll) is a type of rolled sponge cake filled with whipped cream, jam, or icing.
Whatch how to prepare it!

(Pizza restaurants)

  1. Azizah Binti Mohamad Ali (Giuliana)
  2. Afiff Azwar Bin Azman (Adriano)
Date: 18/01/2021
Abstract: Translation from Italian into English of the video "Pizzerie" (Loescher Web TV)

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